TIL: SSH Key Permissions Must Be Exact!

September 6, 2018

I just learned that if your private/public key files in ~/.ssh are not properly secured, the SSH service will refuse to acknowledge them.

How To Load Composer Packages from a VCS Repo

August 26, 2018

Another TIL short tip, this time on composer syntax for loading a custom package (or a non-registered package, or whatever the case may be) from version control.

Today I Learned: How to Convert a PPK Key File to OpenSSH Format

August 8, 2018

A coworker uses Putty to generate an SSH public/private keypair. Putty (wonderful little utility that it is) generates those files in a proprietary format / container file which must be unpacked to be usable by OpenSSH. Here's how to do that "unpacking" on Linux or OSX.

My Largest Solo Project

June 28, 2018

Someone asked me recently: "What's the largest project you've ever done?" The answer is easy: My year-long Node.JS capstone I wrote back when I was in school. I not-so-cleverly called it "BoomBox".